3 Minute Playbooks From The World’s Top Experts

Short but powerful playbooks for your leadership, soft skill, sales, marketing, and mental performance growth needs.


Playbook-Based Learning

Playbook-based learning revolutionizes the way we absorb and apply essential skills, eliminating the lengthy, tedious process of principle-based learning. By transforming complex principles into concise, step-by-step instructions, playbook-based learning empowers individuals to effortlessly implement vital leadership, soft skills, sales, marketing, and mental performance abilities. Experience an engaging, action-oriented learning approach that drives results and leaves you eager to learn more.

3 Minute Playbooks
The shortest path from knowledge to action

With content spanning leadership, soft skill, sales, marketing, and mental performance, NanoCourses offers the shortest path from knowledge to action by breaking down complex concepts into digestible, actionable steps. This streamlined approach allows for immediate application, bridging the gap between understanding and real-world results.

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The Most Actionable Ideas
From the world’s top experts

By encompassing a vast array of competencies, you unlock the potential to tackle diverse challenges and achieve remarkable success in both personal and professional spheres. Furthermore, when you learn from the foremost experts in each domain, you can be confident that the strategies and techniques you acquire have been proven effective, greatly enhancing your prospects for triumph.

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Why Busy Leaders Love NanoCourses

"That’s why book summaries are so important to my way of learning"

Graham Weston, Rackspace Founder, Readitfor.me Customer

"As a busy leader, I love NanoCourses because I can always fit 3 minutes into my crazy schedule. It’s been a game changer for me."

Charissa Yavtucovich, Owner, CCG Breakthrough

"With NanoCourses I can implement new skills in 3 minutes instead of having to sit through an entire day-long course."

Erin Lekberg, Advisor, Priority Health

"Busy leaders often get caught up in the daily business of their work. NanoCourses help build daily habits and make it easy to put learning into practice right away!"

Jim Ball, Business Transformation Lead, Takeda

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